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Aikido is a Japanese martial art known for powerful, beautiful, logical movements. Aikido's deep attraction stems from its philosophy of harmony combined with vigorous physical practice. It promotes fitness, health, and all-around wellness. It transforms lives and helps build community by helping practitioners attain a more serene, focused mind and a goal-oriented life. Aikido can be enjoyed by both young and old.

Aikido is suitable for cross-training with your favorite sport, because it's inherently symmetrical training.

Aikido training involves fascinatingly complex and subtle movements that engage your imagination, sharpen your proprioception, and refine your situational awareness - all capabilities required at the highest levels of sport.

Sport shooters take pleasure in the beauty, craftsmanship, and performance of their guns; cyclists their racing bikes; golfers their woods and irons; car racers their racecars. Similarly, the aikidoist takes pleasure in continually honing and refining his main tool - his body and mind.

The Makati Aikido Club - founded and in continuous operation since 1983 - is recognized by Japan Aikikai world Aikido headquarters in Tokyo. All ranks and promotions conferred by MAC are recognized worldwide. The MAC is a founding member of the Filipino Federation of Aikido (FFA), a nationwide Aikido organization.

The Makati Aikido Club's roster of instructors has over 100 years of combined aikido experience. This experience assures our students of safe, competently led, and appropriately paced learning.

The MAC is unusual in being emphatically noncommercial. Its instructors do not accept payment, preferring to practice and teach for love of the art.

Over 2,000 aikido practitioners, from various nationalities and occupations, have trained at the MAC since its founding. These have included professionals, diplomats, journalists, students, housewives, politicians, businessmen, and academics. MAC has at one time or another hosted Aikidoists from all the populated continents.

The MAC is headed by Chief Instructor Dam Amaranto.

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