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100th FFA monthly interclub practice at Kiryukan Dojo, Cubao

Click here for photos of the event.

You are all cordially invited to the 100th FFA monthly interclub practice. Interclubs enrich us by allowing us to glimpse the unaccustomed emphases and unique subtleties of different Aikido sub-communities. They help us avoid an ingrown and self-referential approach to studying Aikido, or anything else. This series of joint monthly practice sessions started in September 2000. The FFA is home to some of the oldest, most experienced Aikido dojos in the Philippines. The FFA is recognized by Japan Aikikai.

This being the 100th FFA interclub practice, it's a very important milestone and a truly special occasion. All are welcome. There will be a party immediately after keiko. Certificates of recognition will be awarded to most regular participant and other achievers over
the past 100 months.

If you've been wanting to start Aikido training, this is a good way to start and meet most of the personalities in our world.

Bring friends. The dojo is small but we don't care; that won't hurt the partying.

Kiryukan Dojo

Kiryukan Dojo
126 10th Ave., Cubao, QC**

Saturday, 2009 August 08
1830 hrs (6:30 p.m.)
(For easier recall, interclub practice always starts at 6:30 p.m. regardless of venue.)

Practitioners are welcome regardless of affiliation and skill level. White belts (beginners) are very welcome. Bring your friends.

** Getting there:

a) DRIVING YOUR CAR: Picture yourself on EDSA going north towards Cubao. After crossing the EDSA/Santolan (now known as Boni Serrano) intersection, keep to the right. Upon approaching the P.Tuazon underpass, decline to go down the underpass; instead stay at ground level and turn right (i.e. east) onto P.Tuazon.

Drive along P. Tuazon for approximately 700 meters. Find 10th Avenue and turn right into it.. No. 126 is the third property on the left. Park on the street.

b) DRIVING YOUR CAR (ver.2): This is perhaps a superior route:

Picture yourself on EDSA going north towards Cubao. Turn right (i.e. east) on Santolan (now known as Boni Serrano Ave.). Turn left (i.e., north again) on 10th Ave. Keep going until you see #126 on the right, just three lots before you hit P.Tuazon.

c) COMMUTING (via MRT or LRT2 train) Take train to Cubao. Get off at the Cubao station.
Exit the Cubao train station. Walk in an approximately easterly direction (towards the Araneta Coliseum/SM Cubao). Make your way to ShoeMart Cubao, which is on P.Tuazon. It happens that 10th Ave. intersects P.Tuazon near ShoeMart Cubao and Ali Mall. The dojo, at #126 10th Ave., is just three lots from the corner of 10th Ave and P.Tuazon.


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