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2009 May 09   97th FFA monthly interclub practice in Baguio

You are all cordially invited to the 97th FFA monthly interclub practice. Interclubs enrich us by allowing us to glimpse the unaccustomed emphases and unique subtleties of

different Aikido sub-communities. They help us avoid an ingrown and self-referential approach to studying Aikido, or anything else. This series of joint monthly practice
sessions started in September 2000. The FFA is home to some of the oldest, most experienced Aikido dojos in the Philippines. The FFA is recognized by Japan Aikikai.

Baguio Aikikai (Sensei Marielle Macapawa)

(Note 1: Baguio Aikikai is offering free lodging to a maximum of ten (10) participants, on a first-come-first-served basis. Those interested in the lodging offer should e-mail their intention to You will receive a reply indicating if you made the cut.)

Baguio Convention Center
Baguio City

Saturday, 2009 May 09
1630 hrs (4:30 p.m.)
(Training time is earlier than the usual in order to allow enough time for dinner get-together.)

(Note 2: There is a possibility of a bonus class on Sunday, May 10, at 0930 hrs. Venue and time to be announced. This is purely voluntary of course.)

Practitioners are welcome regardless of affiliation and skill level. White belts (beginners) are very welcome. Bring your friends.



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