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2010 June 05 - 06   Hombu Dojo Seminar in Manila with Fujimaki Shihan

Click here for photos of this concluded event.

Guest instructor: Hiroshi Fujimaki Shihan, 6th dan

Seminar schedule:

June 5 / Saturday:
Time                                       Class                                      
10:00 - 11:30 am                     Session 1                           
  4:00 -   5:30 pm                     Session 2                          
  6:00 -   7:30 pm                     Session 3                           
June 6 / Sunday:
Time                                        Class                                        
10:00 - 11:30 am                     Session 4                          
  4:00 -   6:00 pm                     Session 5                           
  6:30 -   7:30 pm                     Session 6                           
Seminar Venue:
Philippine Judo Federation ( Formerly PAJA ) Main Dojo,
3rd Flr. Smap Bldg., Rizal Memorial Sports Complex M. Adriatico St. , Manila  

Seminar fee:
1) Regular seminar fee if paid at the gate: PhP900 (covers six classes spread over two days), or PhP150 per session.

2) Early bird discount: PhP720 (covers six classes) if paid to any authorized FFA officers* on or before May 17, Monday. People who avail of the early bird discount also qualify for the commemorative tanto that will be awarded to 20 students who manage to attend 100% of seminar sessions.

*Authorized FFA officers: Ma. Lourdes Macapawa, RSReyes, Raul Rodrigo, Jed Busalla, Giovanni Capannelli, Rey Asperin, Dam Amaranto

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