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Makati Aikido Club Christmas party (Saturday, 2009 December 19)

Please come to the Makati Aikido Club Christmas party this Saturday, December 19th. Come celebrate with all the members you haven't met before. If you're an old member, a current member,  a member who's been inactive for the past few years, or a member who just joined yesterday - anybody who has ever been a member of the Makati Aikido Club - we want you to join us. We're also inviting our friends from other dojos in FFA, our national federation. Bring friends; they're welcome.


TIME AND DATE:  8pm, Saturday, 2009 December 19

VENUE: The name and full address of the venue has been sent to MAC and FFA members in an e-mail blast in recent days. If you still haven't received your invitation, e-mail, give your name, and we'll send it to you immediately.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Christmas Party postscript:
Many thanks to all who attended and helped make it an enjoyable, convivial evening.

The following people won the raffle:
Mario Peralta won the white oak jo given as a gift to MAC by Shoji Susumu Sensei of Seiwa Kai Aikido Association. Sharon Flores won the white oak bokken, also a gift from Shoji Sensei. Arnel Dones and Ruel Abion
each won a brand new gi.