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World Aikido Headquarters (Tokyo) annual goodwill visit to the Philippines:

2009 February 10 to 16

Visiting Instructors:
Mr. Fujimaki Hiroshi (6th Dan, Shihan)

Mr. Koujirou Suzuki (4th Dan, Shidoin)

Itinerary of visiting Instructors:
2009 February 10 - 12 (Tuesday to Thursday) - Cebu City
Click here for the details of the Cebu City segment of the seminar.

2009 February 13 - 16 ( Friday to Monday) - Manila
Click here for the details of the Manila segment of the seminar.

Hiroshi Fujimaki Shihan (6th dan) is an old friend of Philippine Aikidoists, having first come to the Philippines as a young 2nd dan in 1992, when he was assistant to the then-visitor Hayato Osawa Shihan. He subsequently conducted special seminars for Filipino Aikidoists in 1997, 1998 and 2003, becoming in the process the most frequent visitor from Hombu Dojo to the Philippine Aikido community, and a significant contributor to the development of a generation of Filipino Aikidoists.

All Aikidoists from all organizations are welcome to attend the seminar in Cebu City and in Manila.