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We reproduce here the invitation letter containing the details of the seminar to be given by Kazuo Nomura, 6th dan, at International School Manila. The Nomura seminar was organized by Kiryukan Dojo, a fellow member of the Filipino Federation of Aikido.

Subject: Seminar by Kazuo Nomura, 6th dan

This March, Kiryukan Aikido Dojo is celebrating its fourth anniversary at its 10th St., Cubao, Q.C., location. To mark this event, we would like to invite the Filipino aikido community to a special training session on Friday, March 13, 2009, 6-8 pm with Kazuo Nomura, 6th dan, at International School Manila (ISM).

Mr. Nomura, 57, was for many years the shihan of Osaka Aikikai,  the oldest branch dojo of Aikikai ( He now runs both the Tennoji Dojo ( in Osaka, and his Nara dojo in Nara.   He was a long-time student of Bansen Tanaka, (1912-1988), 9th dan, one of the most senior students of O-Sensei and founder of Osaka Aikikai. Nomura shihan is a regular participant in the All Japan Embutaikai, as well as a participant in the recent IAF 2008 Embukai in Tanabe. He also has an instructional DVD, a sample of which  can be found on YouTube at

In June and July 2007, Rey sensei trained with Nomura shihan in Japan and he was very impressed by his distinctive kind of aikido, which is characterized by large spiral movements, solid kamae, and a strong focus on building true kokyu power. Since then, Rey sensei has been working to incorporate elements of Nomura shihan's movement into his own keiko and teaching.

Nomura shihan will be arriving in Manila on March 11, and will be teaching on March 12 at our dojo. However, due to limited space at Kiryukan, we can have only one session open to the public, which will be on March 13 at ISM. The training space at ISM is quite large and can accommodate 50 or more aikidoka comfortably. We should point out, however, that ISM does require that we submit the names of all attendees a few days in advance so that these can be provided to the guards at the gate. Please let us know if you are planning to attend, and please provide us by March 9, Monday, with the names of all the members of your dojo who wish to attend. Please contact us at or at 0917-8315668 to provide us with these names. The mat fee will be P100 per person.

We hope you can make time for this special event and we look forward to practicing with you on March 13.


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