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Tadashi Komenoi Sensei (6th dan)

Tadashi Komenoi Sensei was chief instructor at the Makati Aikido Club from August 1988 to November 1993. He had come to the Philippines as an expatriate executive of a Japanese multinational, and had in short order discovered the MAC. After a few months, the MAC leadership at the time, recognizing his superior experience, asked Komenoi Sensei, then 3d dan, to take over leadership of the MAC.

Komenoi Sensei's timely arrival in the Philippine Aikido scene in 1988 was fortunate for the MAC, providing as he did a calm, mature leadership to a club that had been in existence a mere five years at the time, and that had just lost its founder-teacher, John Havan Sensei, another expat, to a foreign reassignment. During his five years with the MAC, Komenoi Sensei also provided an important direct link to Hombu Dojo, a relationship that contributed to the rapid growth of MAC and the Aikido scene in the Philippines.

In the ensuing decades, Komenoi Sensei has found himself the top executive of his company in Sri Lanka. He has the distinction of being the teacher who introduced Aikido to Sri Lanka, founding its first Aikido dojo within a few years of his arrival there.

Komenoi Sensei frequently conducts Aikido demonstrations in Sri Lanka.

Photos of 2009 February 21 enbukai at TV Lanka auditorium
Photos of 2008 March 09 enbukai at the Elphiniston Theatre

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