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The following joint announcement was released on 2010 December 19 by Aikido Philippines, FFA, and PAPA:

2011 AP-FFA-PAPA seminar schedule

Our three allied aikido federations-Aikido Philippines, the Filipino Federation of Aikido and the Pilipinas Aikido Propagation Association-are pleased to announce to the Filipino aikido community our seminar schedule for 2011, featuring the following three Japanese teachers:

1. Hayato Ozawa, 7th dan, 2011 March 26-27, 2011 (Saturday - Sunday) (Click here to view and/or download poster) (Click here to view and/or download vicinity map of seminar venue)

2. Etsuji Horii, 7th dan, 2011 June 3-4, 2011 (Friday - Saturday)

3. Yoko Okamoto, 6th dan, September 9-10 (Friday - Saturday) 10-11 (Saturday - Sunday) (seminar dates updated 2011 June 24)

(Schedules updated 2011 June 24. Please check this space a week or so before the event in case there are changes.)

Osawa shihan is the son of the late Kisaburo Osawa 10th dan, one of O-sensei's most senior students and for many years the dojocho of Hombu Dojo. The younger Osawa is known for his crisp and effortless technique, examples of which can be easily found on Youtube; he has been training in Hombu Dojo since 1959 and frequently teaches at international aikido seminars.

Horii shihan is the head of Sanda Dojo in Kobe. Horii entered Hombu Dojo in Tokyo in 1985, initially as an uchi-deshi, eventually becoming a full-time instructor. He moved back to his native Kansai region in 1996 to establish the Aikido Kobe Sanda Dojo. He teaches at many international seminars and remains very close to Doshu and to Hombu Dojo. The Sanda Dojo website can be found at

Okamoto shihan is the head of Aikido of Kyoto and Portland Aikikai. She trained at Hombu Dojo for 13 years, primarily under Seigo Yamaguchi and Ichiro Shibata. She continues to be close to many senior shihan, including Masatoshi Yasuno and Christian Tissier. Her movement is fluid and smooth, yet very powerful. Additional information on her can be gleaned from her websites, and

Our three federations are still exploring the possibility of a fourth seminar in the last quarter of 2011. We will keep the Filipino aikido community updated on developments in this area.

From now on, our three federations aim to be hosting three or four seminars a year on a regular basis. We look forward to seeing you all at our future seminars.

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