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2014 September 20: Annual visit by Seiwa-Kai group

The Seiwa-Kai group from Tokyo has visited the MAC every year for close to 20 years, on their way to conduct a seminar for their students in Davao City. The annual delegation will come to train with the MAC on Saturday, September 20th. This year's party will consist of Messrs. Tadashi Nishiyama, Makoto Hayashi (Chief Instructor), and Susumu Shoji. All interested parties are welcome.

We regret to announce that this previously scheduled event is cancelled. Makati Sports Club management will temporarily close the aikido training space from September 18 - 21 to undertake repainting and maintenance work.

Status report:

As of Saturday afternoon, September 20, new fluorescent bulbs replacing burnt-out ones had been installed in the ceiling. Painting of the walls was nearly complete, and painting of the ceilings about to start. The painters used water-based paint, thus no strong odors. The ceiling fan blades had been wiped clean.

Below are some photos of the work in progress. We look forward to a dazzling dojo come Monday, September 22.

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