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2015 February 22: MAC dojo gets new kamisa

Wooden Kamisa

Blue belt Mel Camus recently donated a complete wooden kamisa to the MAC dojo at Makati Sports (photo). The new fixture is 8 feet high by 6 feet wide by 10 inches deep.

The kamisa's creators - from the famous woodworking town of Paete, Laguna - delivered and installed the kamisa on Sunday, 2015 February 22. On hand to supervise the installation was MAC's Stephen Macapagal.

Donor Mel Camus says that he based the design of the MAC kamisa on elements from various dojos, including the New York Aikikai and the Harvard Aikido Club.

A few days after delivery, the Makati Sports Club's Engineering Department, led by Engr. Boy Lerma, ensured that the kamisa was securely mounted to the front wall of the dojo.

Mel hopes the new kamisa will be "part of our legacy to MAC and the next generation of Aikido practitioners at MAC."