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2018 September 08 - 09: Horishi Fujimaki Shihan, 7th dan

The new venue brings new parameters; please read the important information in the following paragraphs.)

a) Motor vehicles: Sorry for the inconvenience, but visitor vehicles must pass through the Don Bosco gate, at the corner of Amorsolo Street and Arnaiz Ave. (aka Pasay Road).

b) Pedestrians: Visitors entering on foot can enter through any gate of the village.

But whether you're aboard a car or on foot, the security people shall be expecting to hear the phrase "aikido seminar at the clubhouse covered court," or similar phrasing.

PARKING: Parking in the wrong place can cause your car to be clamped. Very expensive to unclamp, and there is no forgiveness. There will be plenty of parking at zero cost, but visitors to San Lorenzo Village must park at only two designated places on the dates of the seminar. It's not complicated:

a) Main parking is along San Lorenzo Drive, but only where the kerb is painted white or green. San Lorenzo Drive is the main drag of the village, affording nearly half a kilometer of parking (see map elsewhere on this page). And the seminar venue is on that road, rendering this stretch the most desirable parking place for visitors. Come early to snag a parking slot.

b) If there is no more parking available along San Lorenzo Drive, you can (must) park along Amorsolo Street, on the side of the street nearest Amorsolo Creek. There's nearly a kilometer's worth of free parking on Amorsolo Street. Amorsolo Street is the westernmost edge of SLV, and is a 300-meter walk (5 minutes) to the venue. The most direct route to the covered court is via Joaquin Street (see green-dashed line on map below).

c) Participants with cars are asked to make a hand-lettered sign for themselves, and put said sign on the dashboard, where it will be visible through the windshield to the roaming guards. The sign should say: "AIKIDO SEMINAR PARTICIPANT." Please render it on a half-sheet of bond paper, preferably using a heavy marker pen.

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