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2020 March 16: Suspension of training until further notice

As a precaution in response to the COVID19 crisis, our training venue, the Makati Sports Club, is reducing operating hours, to 0700 - 1800 hrs. The shortened operating hours start on March 16 and will last until further notice.

In compliance with government orders, the Makati Sports Club, our landlord, is suspending operations indefinitely.

Since the new MSC closing time in effect cuts out our regular training schedule For the same reason, the Makati Aikido Club is suspending all training sessions until further notice. This enforced pause in training will give MAC's aikido students the opportunity to monitor themselves for symptoms, and if necessary, to self-quarantine. Makati Aikido Club members are urged to shelter in place.

Makati Aikido Club leadership is exploring options for training resources for when credible health authorities deem the danger has passed. Please monitor this space for subsequent announcements regarding resumption of training. [Promulgated 2020 March 15] [Revised announcement promulgated 2020 April1]