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Makati Aikido Club congratulatory video to Makati YMCA on its golden jubilee

Below is a 48-second video from our community, congratulating the Makati YMCA on its 50th anniversary.

The Makati Aikido Club had its first home at the Makati YMCA, and trained there for the first chapter of its life. As things turned out, the MAC's tenure at the Makati YMCA lasted exactly 24 years - from February 1983 to February 2007.

At the end of that period, the MAC had to move out because the YMCA campus was being redeveloped for high-end housing. Mere days after leaving the YMCA campus, the MAC moved to its current home at the Makati Sports Club.

The video features rare photos from the MAC's early years.

The Makati YMCA's anniversary date is October 19th, and 2021 marks its 50th year.