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2022 March 22 - Jigsaw mats replace PE foam tatami

On March 22, Makati Sports Club management completed repairs on the rotted portion of the floor of our practice hall. Part of the dojo floor had suffered water damage from a flooding incident in 2017. (From a strict legal standpoint, according to insurance industry definition, it wasn't a flooding incident at all, but rather, a "backing up of drains" due to clogged drainpipes.)

On March 22 and 27, volunteers from our club laid down jigsaw rubber mats on the newly repaired floor. The jigsaw mats replace the PE foam that had formed the core of our tatami since 2016. The jigsaw mat material provides a firmer feel than the PE foam, bringing the revised tatami's firmness closer to international standards.

The Makati Aikido Club thanks the following volunteers for donating their time to lay down the jigsaw mats: Ruel Abion, Dam Amaranto, Stephen Macapagal, Kaori Manga, Raul de Vera, and RSReyes.