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2019 Nov 21:  Free MAC workshop on Body Intelligence and Injury Prevention

Dear MAC members and friends,

Makati Aikido Club members and their friends are invited to a free workshop on Body Intelligence and Injury Prevention. Participants will gain insights into the workings of the human body, with an emphasis on injury prevention. The mini-seminar will also give insights into more efficient movement.

This workshop will be held on Thursday, November 21, at our Makati Sports dojo, right after the regular 1830 - 2000 aikido class. Ms. Joanne Ignacio, an E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher, NASM certified personal trainer, and ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist, will conduct the workshop.

  1. Date and starting time:   20:10 hrs (8:10 pm), 2019 November 21

  2. Duration:  30 to 40 minutes

  3. Workshop resource speaker:  Joanne Ignacio, who is also an aikidoist

  4. Who may attend:  MAC members and any friends they may wish to invite. (Attendance at the aikido class prior to the workshop is NOT required.)

  5. Registration fee:  No charge.

  6. Requirement for participation:  Please bring an extra t-shirt to wear during the workshop. Ideally the dogi top should not be worn, because is too bulky, obscures the body contours too much, and will therefore be deleterious to the exercises and analysis to be undertaken.

  7. To register:  Please email to confirm your attendance.

  8. Workshop topics:  Below is the syllabus of Ms. Ignacio's complete course. Obviously, not all of the topics in the below syllabus can be taken up in this 30- to 40-minute introductory course. Therefore subsequent workshops will be scheduled to cover the topics not taken up on November 21.

{ Day 1 }

     I.   Prehab vs. Rehab

          A.   How Lifestyle Shapes the Body
          B.   Scope of Workshop
              1.   Knowing your body
              2.   Prehab, Mobility, Flexibility, Stability
          C.   Limitations & the Way Forward

     II.   Brief Overview of Body Parts Covered in Workshop

          A.   Joints
          B.   Ligaments
          C.   Tendons
          D.   Muscles
          E.   Fascia

     III.    Mobility, Flexibility & Stability

          A.   Differentiation
          B.   When & Where it Matters – Everything is Connected
          C.   Finding the Sticking Points
          D.   Why Repeating the Action/Position Isn’t Always the Answer

     IV.    Testing

          A.   Marching Test
          B.   Ankles – Mobility
                 o   Mobility test
                 o   Arch Check
                 o   Toe tuck test
                 o   Dos and Don’ts
          C.   Knees – Stability
                 o   Overhead & Single leg Squat Test
                 o   Muscles Involved, Interpretation
                 o   Addressing Knee Pain in Seiza & Shikko
                 o   Dos and Don’ts
          D.   Hips – Mobility
                 o   Genetics vs. Hard Work
                 o   Test - Internal Rotation and External Rotation
                 o   Test – Flexion and Extension
                 o   Muscles Involved, Interpretation
                 o   Dos and Don’ts
          E.   Misc. Notes on Lower Body Work
                 o   Footwork & Loading
                 o   Balancing the Lower Half
                 o   Safety Reminders/Modifications for Stretching/Warmup Moves We Usually Do

{ Day 2 }

          F.   Back
                 o Cat/Cow Test
                 o   Low Back – Stability
                 o   Lower Crossed Syndrome, Swayback
                 o   Dos and Don’ts
                 o   Mid to Upper Back – Mobility
                 o   Upper Crossed Syndrome
                 o   Dos and Don’ts
                 o   Neck – Stability
                 o   Text Neck
                 o   Dos and Don’ts
          G.   Shoulders – Stability
                 o   Most mobile and the least stable
                 o   Impingement
                 o   Rotator Cuff Health
                 o   Dos and Don’ts
          H.   Elbows – Stability
                 o   Hyperextension vs. Hypoextension
                 o   Tennis Elbow – Outer Elbow & Forearm
                 o   Golfer’s Elbow – Inner Arm & Elbow
                 o   Dos and Don’ts
          I. Wrists – Mobility
                 o   Common Problems
                 o   Dos and Don’ts           J. Misc. Notes on Upper Body Work
                 o   Arms & Anchoring /Center Line
                 o   Chest & Back Muscles in Balance
                 o   Grip Strength
                 o   Safety Reminders/Modifications for Stretching/Warmup Moves We Usually Do