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2012 July 17 Guest instructor Oscar Mistula Sensei at Makati Sports Club

Sensei Oscar Mistula, 5th dan, of Cagayan de Oro and Sydney, will lead the training on Tuesday, July 17th, at our Makati Sports Club dojo. Sensei Mistula practices the Takemusu Aiki form of the late Morihiro Saito Sensei. He currently trains in Sydney, Australia, under Saburo Takayasu Sensei, 7th dan.

All interested aikidoists are welcome to participate.

Oscar Mistula writes:

I just want correct some misunderstanding of what Takemusu Aiki is and Morihiro Saito Sensei in relation to O'Sensei and his life long training in the Martial Art he called aikido.

To quote some information regarding it:

"The Founder considered Takemusu Aiki to be the highest form of Aikido. Takemusu contains two Japanese characters: Take (Bu)= Martial, and Musu=To be born. These two characters combine to refer to martial movement spontaneously created, without active thought, resulting in a pure Aikido technique.

He felt that one's training went through four major periods of development: Basic Technique, Flexible Technique, Flowing Technique, and finally Takemusu Aiki. He considered this final form of Aikido to be attainable by anyone through practice."

The practice that O'Sensei was talking about is to do with Bukiwaza and Taijutsu training done all together and inseparable. After World War II, he continued to train in Aikido and it is thought that it took him 7 years to perfect his Aikiken and Aikijo (Bukiwaza) training that he was able to integrate it seemlessly with his Taijutsu training.

So, what I'm going to share in the upcoming class is the form (method) that O'Sensei was doing/training after WW2 and up to the day he died. Please remember that all forms of Aikido are O'Sensei's Aikido - it is analogous to a set of 10 volumes of Britannica Encyclopedia, where Volume 1 is the time when he was training with Sokaku Takeda Sensei and up to the Volume 10 when he was training in Iwama and when he considered the Takemusu Aiki to be highest form of Aikido.

Also, Saito Sensei is the longest serving Uchideshi of O'Sensei, 23+ years if I'm not wrong. He teaches the form that was taught to him by the Founder and he was true it as he handed it down to the next generation of Aikido practitioners. And so does my current teacher, Saburo Takayasu Sensei, 7th Dan Aikikai, who was there during the last training that O'Sensei did before he died; and who is also trying to preserve what was taught by O'Sensei before it is lost.

I hope this clears up some misconception and misunderstanding. I'm looking forward to training with you and the rest of the Makati Aikido Club instructors and students.

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