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2012 January 30 Raul A. Rodrigo

Raul A. Rodrigo (1965 - 2012)

The Philippine aikido community grieves with the family of our good friend Raul, who passed away today, January 30th.

Raul was a published author, and his training in this craft equipped him with a critical mind, but one he wielded with worldly humor and a wry tolerance. And a willingness to do difficult and unglamorous work. Over the past two years, Raul, together with Rommel Miel and Carlos Hubilla, did more than anyone else to move the major aikido federations in the Philippines towards greater cooperation and mutual trust. He was a builder of bridges at a time when the bridges were broken. This, together with the books he has authored, will be Raul's monument and legacy.

We have all lost a great friend, a delightful drinking companion, a fair-minded debating adversary, an effective implementer of impossible tasks, and a relentless companion in the pursuit of excellence. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family.

Click here to see a video tribute to Raul.

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