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Toyo University aikidoists to visit MAC

A group of aikidoists who got their start at Toyo University, Tokyo, will visit and train with MAC students on September 17th. The group, called Seiwakai Aikido Association, have been visiting the Philippines since 1995. They are led by Messrs. T. Nishiyama, S. Shoji, and M. Hayashi, senior students of the association founder, Koichi Shibata Sensei, 7th dan Aikikai. Shibata Sensei passed on earlier in 2011.

The Seiwakai group will train with MAC members on September 17th. They will proceed to Davao the following day, where they will train with their students in the Mindanao Seiwakai Association.

All interested aikidoists, regardless of affiliation, are welcome to join the training with the Seiwakai group.