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2012 December 31:   An old MAC tradition: New Year's Eve practice

All interested aikidoists are invited to participate in this 28-year-old MAC tradition. Experience the great feeling of ending the year doing vigorous practice, rather than merely joining the herd's conventional New Year celebrations.

For 28 years (every year except our first) the MAC has observed this tradition. It's always set at 1400 - 1600 hrs, which is calculated not to interfere with your New Year's Eve celebrations with family and friends.

This tradition is in partial emulation of Hombu Dojo's similar tradition of New Year's practice in Shinjuku. (Hombu Dojo's New Year class starts at 2300 hrs of December 31st and ends at 0100 hrs on January 1st.)

This event is open to the public and all interested participants regardless of organization.