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Video of 2012 October 22 weapons class with Tadashi Komenoi Sensei.
Thirty-one movements jo kata plus basic kumitachi. (Video by Leon Aman)

"Ukemi - the technique of falling," the Makati Aikido Club's third and latest training video project, is now available on DVD. For inquiries and orders, email "Ukemi - the technique of falling" was produced by MAC member Leon Aman. More training videos are in the pipeline.

View a 2-minute segment of our training video. Titled Leg Power in Aikido, the full video runs about eight minutes. Contains important concepts the aikido student needs to know to attain proficiency in jiyuwaza and randori.

FFA celebrated the 10th anniversary of its monthly interclub practice project last November 6, at the ACP dojo in Club 650, Libis, QC. The event was capped by an enbukai (demonstration) featuring various dojos of FFA, PAPA, AP, plus some unaffiliated dojos.

Watch a fragment of MAC's first instructional video, The Five Aikido Steps. Contains the fundamental tool that the Makati Aikido Club considers the starting point of aikido training, and the gateway to future high achievement in aikido. Click here for more details.

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